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Sound Ideas #79 - Poetry, Jazz, and the Beat
Before the advent of the hippies and counter culture of the 1960s there was a decade or so where literary and musical exploration came together, or perhaps more accurately, reflected one another. In this hour we will hear from those who fused poetry or other spoken word with jazz, a creative device of those where were often known as member of the "Beat Generation". 
Artist Track Album
Langston Hughes Blues Montage The Weary Blues
Jack Kerouac Beat Jazz and Prose
Charles Mingus Scenes in the City A Modern Jazz Symposium of Music and Poetry
Kenneth Rexroth In The Wood Poetry and Jazz at the Blackhawk
Christopher Logue & Tony Kinsey Blue Lament / Tonight, I Write Sadly Red Bird Jazz and Poetry
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen Charlie Parker Poetry for the Beat Generation
Steve Allen Differences Between Punks and Beatniks Dec. 1986 KCHO interview snippet
Ken Nordine My Baby Word Jazz
Al "Jazzbo" Collins Jazz Mass A Lovely Bunch of Al "Jazzbo" Collins and the Banditos
Bob Dorough Dog Jazz Canto vol. 1
Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen October in the Railroad Earth Poetry for the Beat Generation
Roy Glenn & Gerry Mulligan Big High Song For Somebody Jazz Canto vol. 1