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Sound Ideas #40 - Female Vocalists
Welcome to an hour of some the best female vocal musicians. We hope you will dig the sounds.
Artist Track Album
Eliane Elias There Will Never Be Another You I Thought About You
Karrin Allyson Give Me a Break (Unit 7) Footprints
Annie Ross You Turned the Tables on Me Sings a Song with Mulligan
Jackie and Roy Kral Never in a Single Year Full Circle
Diana Krall I Love Being Here with You Only Trust Your Heart
Patricia Barber Inch Worm Cafe Blue
Cyrus Chesnut and Anita Baker Summertime Cyrus Chestnut
Tania Maria Nega Come with Me
Ella Fitzgerald Stella by Starlight Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie
Sarah Vaughan Vanity After Hours
Eliane Elias What About the Heart (Bate Bate) Light My Fire

Ever since her arrival on the jazz scene Eliane Elias has been a head turner, and not just because of her pleasing looks and lush voice. Over the years her piano chops, vocal finesse, and ability to continuously meld north and south of the equator jazz stylings have given album after album of sassy and swinging musical. Her latest release is a tribute to Chet Baker, but it's not just covering his vocals and swinging style. Rather it's a fresh perspective, complete with a Latin tinge, that captures all that Chet did decades ago. Chet's voice could melt the hearts of listeners; Eliane does just same. What a better tribute could one give?

Our second set covers many decades of style, but each is unique. Annie Ross is just as much at home singing standards or bebop, and here she is paired with the powerhouse Gerry Mulligan. Karrin Allyson reinterprets a classic Sam Jones tune and delivers a fresh take on a venerable chart from the Real Book. Husband and wife team Jackie and Roy swing one for us from one of their later dates. Their career was so long, it's difficult to point their heyday; perhaps it was simply everyday.

One of the newcomers of the 1990s was undoubtedly Diana Krall whose seeming ease at the keyboard and breathy voice is captivating. This cut from an earlier, hard swinging date that only shows how she can cook. Patricia Barber takes us on an ethereal journey and gives us a radically different take on the Coltrane classic. Another 1990s newcomer was Cyrus Chesnut who was joined by Anita Baker for a special version of Summertime.

Another lady from Brazil with solid piano skills and an engaging voice is Tania Maria. Her performance illustrates what Latin Jazz with a very cool groove is all about. Any discussion of female Jazz singers would be remiss without the first lady of song, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sassy, AKA Sarah Vaughan. We hear why these were two of the classiest and hippest interpretations of lyrics and melodies that ever were. To cap off the hour, we hear one more from Eliane; a musical desert if there ever was one.