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Sound Ideas #38 - Chillin' Out
Welcome to an hour of music to chill by. There's no theme except for hip sounds that challenge the mind, body, and soul. Thanks for spending the time with us.
Artist Track Album
George Benson Just One of Those Things Inspiration
Billy Childs One Fleeting Moment Take for Example This...
Phil Woods and Chris Swanson Chasin' the Piper Piper at the Gate
Lee Konitz Star Eyes Inside Hi-Fi
Charles Earland Red, Green, and Black Blues Mama Roots
Ken Nordine Roger Word Jazz
Dave Brubeck Tokyo Traffic Jazz Impressions of Japan
Brad Mehldau Dusty McNugget Largo
Bobby Hutcherson Roses Poses Waiting
George Benson Just Another Sunday New Boss Guitar

We lead off with one of the master guitarists of the later 20th century. So good was George Benson that he could spend years enticing commercially focused audiences to buy his records. Yet when the occasion arose, his jazz chops were unveiled and he reminded us of his true talent and ability to play "serious" jazz as well. From his tribute album to another successful crossover artist, Nat King Cole, George reminds us that to him playing jazz is just one of those things.

Our second starts in the late 1980s with relative newcomer Billy Childs and his developing keyboard chops. This track is from one of his more straight ahead if not slightly outside dates from the Hip Pocket era. Phil and Chris take us on a saxophone induced crazy time that highlights that Phil is not to hang up his axe and Chris will chase the best of them with his jazz sensibilities. We end the set with another sax master, Lee Konitz, from a deceptively simple sounding album that reveals how Lee could always make the music sound so simple while diving deep into virtuosity and creativity.

The mighty burner can plays the blues, and that's what Charles does in our second set. Cooling down a bit Ken shares his experience with Roger, and Dave and crew reflect the sights and sounds of one of the world largest cities, and home to some of the most devoted jazz fans on the planet.

Brad drives us along an angular path in search of a dusty mcnugget or two and Bobby takes us on a marimba-based excursion with a few turns of its own. Closing out the hour we dive back to the mid 1960s and one George's first recordings that illustrates how he hasn't loss any skill with passage time, if anything, his musical vocabulary and story telling just keep getting stronger.

So grab a cold one, or a hot one; set your timepiece on "chill", and enjoy the good times that only great music can impart.