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Sound Ideas #15 - Simple Creativity
Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. This hour is simply creativity at its best; sound ideas for the mind and the soul.
Artist Track Album
Diana Krall Stop this World The Girl in the Other Room
Eldar Chronicle Live at the Blue Note
George Benson with the Count Basie Orchestra Ready Now that You Are Big Boss Band
Tania Maria Euzinha Come with Me
Ken Nordine Hunger is From Within Word Jazz
Kenny Dorham and Sonny Rollins La Villa Jazz Contrasts
Little Charlie and the Nightcats Tag (You're It) Nine Lives
Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry Roundalay Oscar Peterson Trio Plus One
Diana Krall CRS Craft Only Trust Your Heart

Diana Krall has had a remarkable career to date, and despite her at times over marketed good looks, she can sing, swing, and swoon with the best of them. And oh, by the way, she's one hell of pianist too. The two tracks we hear from her are entitled resonate with me a little too often, with the later being an affliction that I seemed to have developed as I enter middle age.

In our second set we traverse three different styles, but each with flawless execution. Eldar is an accomplished proponent of European and American Classical music. Here we hear him in a live setting tearing up the ivories and illustrating once again the creativity that can happen when you combine talent, technique, and a live audience. Few bands have transformed the act of counting from 1 to 4 into high art as has the Basie Band and few guitarists/singers have demonstrated the versatility of George Benson.

The Lady from Brazil plays with such flair and excellence, it's simply difficult to not have a good time listening to her. Ken Nordine retells an experience that we'll all likely shared while Kenny and Sonny lay down some hard bop to nourish our minds.

Since the mid 1980s I have dug every moment that Charlie Baty picks up his Gibson and plays. He's a great blues player, but his craftsmanship and musicianship illustrate his deep understanding of jazz improvisation. Oscar Peterson and Clark Terry's take on Roundalay is an illustration of control and competence. This album is definitely one of my all time favorites.

Being able to listen to creative sounds is a pleasure for the mind and the soul. There isn't a rigid formula in making great art; in fact some of the best art around us and goes unnoticed because we are too often looking for great art at the expense of experiencing the great art that surrounds us. Once compelling attribute of jazz is its ability to simultaneously wear a musical tuxedo while appealing to the pair of jeans and T-shirt that might be wearing. Stop and listen, and hear the stories being told, and you will see the art of life all around you. Thanks for listening.