KCHO Sunday Nite

KCHO Sunday Nite premiered in the fall of 1986 as a tip of the hat to the older era of radio that I remembered as a youth. This show was a combination of jazz, comedy, radio drama, science fiction, studio guests, and live jazz performances all produced from within the confines of our small Studio B in the basement of the CSU, Chico Merriam Library.

July 5, 1987 - "Happy Birthday x2"

Featured Guest: Jocelyn Parrish

Robert Conrad of WCLV in Cleveland, Ohio was a friend of the show and we generally created a birthday greeting for him each year. This time John Curtis and I went to town parodying Bob and his Weekend Radio program and including actual portions of his show as well just for sport. Bob's birthday was also near mine so Jocelyn planned a surprise on air greeting for me as well.

The surviving recording captured 28:11 of this evening's show from about 10:10pm - 10:40pm.

Artist Track Album
John Curtis and Clay Ryder Happy Birthday Bob #2 KCHOSUN production
Bobby Hutcherson Prime Thought Waiting
Wierd Al Yankovic Hooked on Polkas (partial) Dare to be Stupid